HERE Map Widget for JupyterΒΆ

An interactive widget that enables users to use HERE Maps API for JavaScript in Jupyter Notebook. HERE Map Widget for Jupyter builds the connection between the analytic capabilities of the Jupyter ecosystem and the superior map visualization and location services capabilities of HERE Maps API for JavaScript.

HERE Map Widget for Jupyter is utilizing the extension system of Jupyter widgets to enhance its core functionality with a widget to create interactive maps.

HERE Maps API for JavaScript offers Web Developers a JavaScript library with a rich set of functionalities and capabilities to build location-aware applications. Among other functionality, it supports 2D and 3D visualization, various data formats, an event system, and a seamless integration with HERE Location Services and HERE Data Hub.

Important features of HERE Map Widget for Jupyter:

  • Interactive HERE Map in Jupyter Notebooks

  • Tilt rotate / 3D Map appearance

  • Integration with HERE Location Services

  • Integration with HERE Data Hub

  • HERE Vector Tiles

  • HERE Raster Tiles

For full list of functionalities please see below sections.

Getting Started


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